Cassie Ramaswamy

Cassie Ramaswamay

Audit Associate

About Cassie

Cassie brings her sharp analytical skills and attention to detail to Carter’s audit engagements. With her expertise in auditing procedures and financial analysis, she plays a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy and integrity of financial statements. Outside of work, Cassie finds joy in spending quality time with her friends, engaging in regular workouts to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and expressing her creativity through playing the piano. Her diverse interests and hobbies reflect her well-rounded personality and dedication to both personal and professional growth.

Cassie earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and Finance from Western Carolinas University in 2022. Recognizing the value of continuous education, she furthered her studies at the same university, obtaining a Master of Accounting degree in 2023. Her commitment to staying updated with industry regulations ensures that she delivers high-quality work that meets the highest standards. With her passion for her work and diverse range of interests, Cassie brings a unique perspective and a well-rounded approach to her role as an audit professional.

  • B.S. Accounting, Western Carolina University
  • Masters of Accountancy, Western Carolina University