Bailey Holbert

Bailey Holbert

Tax Associate

About Bailey

Bailey is a 2023 tax staff member based in Carter’s Asheville office. With her interest in tax research and meticulous attention to detail, she plays a crucial role in providing comprehensive tax services to clients.

Bailey earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting from the University of North Carolina Charlotte in 2023. Her academic background, combined with her practical experience in the field, equips her with a solid foundation in tax laws and regulations. Bailey’s commitment to continuous learning ensures that she stays updated with the latest developments in tax legislation, enabling her to provide clients with reliable and accurate tax advice. With her vibrant personality and multifaceted interests, Bailey brings a unique perspective and a well-rounded approach to her work as a tax professional.

Bailey’s outside passions add a vibrant dimension to her life outside of work. She finds joy in creating delicious baked goods, crafting intricate crochet designs, and sharing her knowledge and love for music by teaching others how to play various instruments. Her diverse interests and hobbies reflect her creativity, dedication, and commitment to both professional and personal growth.

  • B.S. Accounting, University of North Carolina Charlotte